Doing Research for Coin Collecting

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Doing Research for Coin Collecting

Research for coin collecting is a very important aspect of the hobby. Without it you would not be able to identify and ascertain the value of a coin or coins you have in your possession or any that you may consider adding to your collection.

The first piece of research for coin collecting is to identify the coin. This is usually easy to do.

Most coins, especially US coins, are clearly marked with the information you will need, such as: What country issued the coin? When was it issued? What is the face value? Does it have a mint mark? Was there more than one design used that year, if so which one is it?

If your coin is in a language that is foreign to you, your research may take a little more digging. Typing the wording from the coins into a search engine such as google should get you started.

Most of the other information that you will need to know when doing your research for coin collecting can be found right here on this site.